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Text Post Fri, Apr. 06, 2012 2 notes


When a tear rolls down your cheek

Slow at first

Then the quick flow at the curve of your cheek bone

It has a slight warmth to it

Then once it falls the path it left gets cold

When another follows

It doesnt quite take the same path

One with a curve

One with a zigzag

One with a bump

Some come with happiness

Most due to saddness

Each with its own story

Own scar

Own definition

~AshleighM Original~

Text Post Sun, Apr. 01, 2012 1 note

Decide Carefully

The urges you fight are things you cant brake.

Everyday you push it out of your mind

But it’s always lurking.

The addiction will always be there

Waiting to be reinvited

The best guard is to resist.

What happens when resisting just isnt enough anymore?

Do you take the blade of lifeless ending?

Or find the impossible cure to pain itself?

~AshleighM Original~

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